Re: Reign In Blood

In my opinion, not only is REIGN IN BLOOD the best SLAYER album ever released, but it;s also the best thrash album ever released by any thrash band on the planet. In a relatively short running time of 28 minutes and 59 seconds SLAYER unleashes a fury of raw, seething,burst of power that remains unequalled since 1986 to present day. REIGN IN BLOOD was the foundation SLAYER laid for all their albums to come, and, became the gold standard for metal bands ( thrash/ speed or otherwise) to be measured by.The skull crushing songs like ''Necrophobic'' and classics ''Jesus Saves'' and Raining Blood''are permanant features at all SLAYER concerts and unstandably so....these sonic masterpieces are the beating heart of SLAYER. In just under half an hour,SLAYER created a chilling , power packed album that changed the face of thrash forever.