Re: NovaRock Festival

If this festival asks always for a Credit Card will never be my chosen one as I see it each year if I don't change my trust about electronics.I'm already in Vienna going southern Alps, maybe Italy, the speed depends of snakes, my mother is buying me some military materials for tents, they have forces in Africa.Milan and Bologna are north enough, don't make a show in Graz again, there is a camping with 20 Euros or better make it after, I may stay a month on strong ground, the air is a drug in full nature and doesn't matter once 20 euro to leave the luggage, that's usefull life, useless money, if you go to Nickelsdorf from Vienna you can find me in Wien West camping if you want to meet me, I have green tent, the only one cover with plastic, in a few days I go west in the woods out of the city and than east and south for the train station.

I was seeing appearing the show of this year in Graz in the first camping in Kriml, the second in Austria feeling sick anxious of the fake green thinking at the imperial viper instead of the very common soldier half lizard - the horn viper being phobic of snakes and suicidic at the half retired lizard one, as I was taking east from Gerlospass in Austria by feet from Feldkirch to Nickelsdorf, where I don't plan to shoot myself - excuse the joke, I found out I may take a ticket at the place of the venue with no credit card maybe for another year.I was thinking the bigg/er snake just honors me with a bigg/er speed at a bigg/er distance but when I remembered the coincidence about it this blog written in the first part before the show appeared in program I was thinking at the level difference and the small simple effort to reach higher the master feeling an assin with my ignorance.I remembered about it again in the fifth, two days later in a morning awaking in tent in a fir threes wood and I wrote it feeling the important moment overlapped by a different space but really lost two days before when I checked the date and I just wrote this, 14 is maybe to close of the bad luck number.