Re: NovaRock Festival

I think this is the last dropped blog, I may soon start the cleaning as I have again a too narrow traffic on the public Wifi of the camping.There are big chances to have myself the big one this Slayer concert for the year.I'm going to Romania and I'll get out as soon as possible for the warm seson in the Alps and I need to find a camping near Nickelsdorf as I'll have a ninja sword for the snakes, The last time in Warsaw I lost my kitchen knife, I hope to really catch this one if is possible to take a ticket at an office, oh please make it possible X man administrator!I don't trust credit cards, I'm actually preparing entirelly for the woods.........and unfortunately I broke my computer in the same camping trying to listen something hacked "offline" and I contacted after Nova Rock from the mobile wifi to find out isn't any ticket office but I don't think I should cancel or correct my dropped blogs, doesn't really matter any "official" blog where everybody just droppes something, and I may be not entirelly understood if I correct my toughts instead of leaving them when I search some Slayer fan mate(s)...I finally went to Romania with an electronic ticket bought of my mother to check my inheritance things and to avoid France with its snakes.My mother was saying we have only to go one day to a public office for documents making and instead we went to the police office for legal medicine to take a certificate and I heared I have to wait the psychiatrists after an hour.I'm starting now the summer from Szeget in a camping, it's a pythonic field on the Tisza, very risky and I took the camping and no ninja sword.I couldn't really fight the snakes with a sword, each one acts and thinks different.The administrator was saying is possible to pick up a ticket at the place of the venue but I don't think I'll wait the Alps that long, sh--t, I was thinking often Kerry just looks at my like at a bad-luck, I'm too weak unstable....Have just appeared.Have just appeared Geneva in Switzerland and I went to sleep beaten in head.I had the same workers beating the wall in the night when I was going to sleep, searching were disappearing, I think they are experienced jailers.