Re: Long Beach Arena w/ Megadeth

I 1st seen SLAYER back in 95' when Bio Hazzard & Machinehead opened for them at Hara Arena in Dayton Ohio, It was -5 outside in Feb, Colder than shit BUT the place was still packed man jam packed! It was a killer show! I just hope when i see them in August i get to see them play Black Magic & Crionics & Show No Mercy!!! SLAYER is the hardest fucking bad alive & no 1 will top them!!! I'm taking my 16 yr old son to that show... He was only 2 weeks old when i seen them in 95' now he play's guitar & drums... Heavily influenced by Slayer's muzica! We both are waiting impatiently for this... Slaytanic 4 Life Mutha Faakerz!!! S L A Y E R !!!