Re: European Carnage Tour @ Expo

Finally!! We got it! SLAYER in Kiev!
Guys that was fantastic!!! Unbelievable and unforgettable!
I covered 500 km by car from Odessa to Kiev and then another 500 km back right after the show. Was totally exhausted next day but the show worth it and even more.
Till the last day I was afraid the concert could be cancelled as it was in Australia but to our lucky fortune we saw the idols live.
The first set was by Megadeth and after the a pause SLAYER appeared on the stage. The first sounds made vibrating my stomach and even something inside it. The sound was so powerful that I felt vibration in my teeth and was afraid tooth filling would fall out, hehe Smiling
Well as I told the show was just fantastic. All the songs were performed perfectly. Guitars, bass and especially the drums and vocal were so clear and in the same time so loud that sometimes it was unbelievable to get such a sound.
I could not even imagine this would be so great. I was enjoying every track, singing together with Tom.
Guys thank you very much for this show!!! Come back to Kiev soon together with Jeff!!