Re: Bloodstock Open Air 2013

I have this story from Kent as I remained there this summer two months in woods after I found out I can buy a ticket for Bloodstock only by credit card and I wasn't having that, neither I wouldn't have done it if I could because I distrust electronics.Was the first time mine going to Ashford so I choosed a group of woods near Wiliam Harvey hospital because was near the Stour river and on the other side of the city I saw first closer of the woods only some small streams that anywhere in Kent were this summer with no water.I go the first time to Ashford in a group of woods near Wililam Harvey hospital as I saw on the map are close of the Stour river and on the other side of the city were closer only some streams that this summer all of them in Kent were with no water and I had the luck to find first in Paris the company for buses in all England while in France are regions and subregions and there are companies for subregions, each one with a different site or may be a company only for the city with the suburbs and forceful the choose of the train.I stopped in the first place good for the tent in the mouth of the wood as it was having many small and big holes in earth and I was wanting to be prepared to escape at the first experience.Actually is the first wood opposite to the lake there where you can arrive there misguided by a direction for "Stour Valley Walk" turned into the opposite direction, around a small part of a corn field.I enter there through the natural fence in the last piece of that days light and I put my old tent of two persons that I had from Spain not to ruin the new one of four.After a couple of days I move it two meters more inside with stronger courage and what happens when I touch an old piece of wood, an old clock of wall start yelling from under a short time after pushes the wood towards my hand, that evening I sleep most frightened as the line of the seconds yells 12 o'clock all the evening coming to me under the tent little by little and than stays silent but that's not the end.In the following evenings I start hearing needles after needles, each one sharper and stronger than the other with a metallic sound and moving intestines, once two beats in the middle of the plastic rain cover of my tent and I remember, that's the viper snake because has two feet ahead and jumps.I have this internet stick for mobile and computer and I write an email to my mother that I have to go to Maidstone to the camping because that's what happens but there I stay only three nights used nervous with the camping because I was having the suspicion somebody planted them there in the holes and under the leafs because it's a tradition of them in Romania where lives my father and I go to back to Ashford on the other side before Canterbury to have the tour of Kent
s woods.There I find the Stour more dirty although it flows from there but is also often stuck and faked by clear water of canals but a better wood with less holes, says Bullers wood, the best of them because the other are having all bad grass with many needles, I don't know if is a fake of the map really how I see it maybe in a "mirror" virus from the GPS google map, anyway I stay there longer because at start I feel healthy earth appearing only around in the night time and towards the end some wood workers advancing neighbored and vipers at the tent's angles .Doesn't matter any detail of this story connected to At Dawn They Sleep, I go after to Canterbury in Homestall wood the best the same type from the others united in Woodland private LTD where happens the same thing with a wild cat helping one called by the smell of my barbecue with a snake rubbing once clear my tent and the vipers under with less strong sounds like babies bagging for mercy for an innocent toughness from the birth and than the end at the end of Dover in Frandham wood and at the top of the corpse after Russel Gardens on the other side with a break near some fields with sun and high grass where was fresh air from Dover's port where I have been clearly attacked by three pythons around and on the tent who retired at the first match lightening an older T-shirt maybe because they didn't see before any match there and was my luck not to die in the night time caught asleep.I left than with a newer tent of two persons and I slept that night on a concrete platform near a football field in an open sport center down the city and I went back to vipers climbing the hill with the fir tree wood - corpse after Russel Gardens doing it like a nostalgic thanking for company to some older only peppered friends.The pythons never forgive for a surprise, they see cold and warm, full and empty at about three hundred meters and are always closing constantly and around the pray at theres base perspective level, you just lay there and may come to you little by little any number of pythons from that filed less many than the vipers numbered like the kitchen bugs but stronger, able to break the tent in the first bite towards the warm, half full half empty target.In the last nights I just tried to make some audios for my two CD Players that I took with the left money and I just discovered this ignored part of At Dawn They Sleep.It was a night with rain and I started listening something as usually I was having to listen and I started with Einstürzende Neubauten, the album after Kollaps 1981 as I was becoming sick hearing intestines after intestines and Slayer was to pleasant for the phobia, actually is the first piece Vanadium-I-Ching which starts a very rare medicine for this kind of snake intestine hearing phobia from the minute 1.06-1.07 and after a little tired I passed to At Dawn They Sleep because In was remembering it relaxing and connected to discover this rhythm of soft like sleeping along with the other sharper like the snakes vigilance around the lyrics "Rise hold fast your faith /To lie dormant/Is certain Death", well some essence of the piece I was feeling missing not having any faith being better for Neubauten an atheist but relaxed in the rain was a very pleasant poetry like and that's what happened in the absence of Bloodstock.If you go there you find the same thing and the cross vipers with two feet ahead, I prefer them also instead of real big snakes but I'm not really such a "believer".