Re: Bloodstock Open Air 2013

Happens that I see now in October the concert from June Warsaw which had been while I was starting my trip in Kent's woods discovering the snakes after the first only two campings there after i found out I can't have a ticket cash for Bloodstock, the painting behind looks like an armchair ruined satanically by a hidden in an overlapped dimension satanic head with wings.I was wandering if that was saying something about my laziness doubled after the one of the last year or about the general one from the Poland's armchairs.It's clear anyway that is accorded with slayer type some silhouette and I often look like a rat on that level.The next year I'll probably choose almost any of the concerts as I found out is legal to place a tent up to three days in a free place without making, leaving any garbage if isn't a special warning against doing it.A problem is in most of the western states can't be found any free places near the private or public properties, England is really reach in woods and snakes and also the French mountains(in pythons) with no other country wide choices, I don't know about others.