Bloodstock Open Air 2013

I hope this will be my big one this year as I don't like Amneville Amen Ville and I have only one big direction in a year trevelling cheap in campings.I'm not affraid of the ideea of pure violence,I like also Sepultura, I don't like the satanicals, for me Slayer is poetry and bass sounds compositions.It is this difference of type in some cases when someone two weak is unable to feel healthy violence and falls in some psychological sick frightenings like throwing with an old egg, you are affraid of the eggs smell and the surprising violence and then you just take any bottle and you throw disgusted, that's a difference of violence psychological type, doesn't matter a casual strength measure.In Romania is more common a type of rap and pop, very few metal born fans and a lot of satanicals who may listen maybe Slayer for his lyrics overlapping maybe also some negative images over his nice voice in a clip like Alter of Sacrifice to help a negative contrast with his positive poetic stylke.It is an adresse in London where can be bought a ticket, I hope I'll still find in June.I have a year tour only in campings, I'm going east coast of Spain to Morocco to return middle west Spain.London is on the road from Calais.I hope I'll have three days friend of my age if lucky with the ticket, I stay after more in England campings until too cold.