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That BC !Rich Now rips!

I am a smart guitar player and tech. But finally took me 18 years or so to realize to tweak the truss rod abit. And whammo this fucking old ass guitar kicks fucking ass.Ultra zing on the strings like when i bought a bc rich warlock from wayne charvel in 1989. Back in his yucaipa calif shop in 1989. When i took it to southern oregon it lost it's zing.stupid me it needed a truss rod adjustment and i am an idiot.Well now i know what the fuck is going on now. and my old ass guitrs are ripping and zingin with bitchin' action.Marshall amps suck,peavey rules!!Digitech rocks!


Well great, now i read another story that say's not only were tom and jeff doing dope. They were also "pill abusers" great i hope that's not true either. well what the the fuck did'nt El Duce teach you not to do drugs?Yeah well kerry king can might as well retire after screwing over Dave lombardo for money. that is just jewish as hell. and a story i read somewhere said kerry is a jew.Your band as sucked since after "Divine intervention" and everything after that has been dogshit.The best thing you have done is "war at the warfield" and "divine intervetionin arizona".big four was good and gary holt is one of the greatest guitar players ever.But rick hunolt never gets the respect he deserve's or he had a drug problem or something?All have to say is running this band without original members is eventually going to fail.without jeff and having gary is fine. without dave lombardo and kerry ripping him off for money is no so nice.Whatever I have an 85' 86 wayne charvel st3 gunslinger and a 92' ibanez rg565.Ton's of new equipment "unspecified" and ready to make some "Hate Rock" Just like wally george would of hated. ha ha ha. Go back to to haunting the chapel,At dawn they sleep,captor of sin,Etc the old songs were your best. this new shit suck's.I will buy a new EXODUS album everytime.Whatever get better and get heavier.

Hell awaits

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