Re: Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 - 2013)

I have myself the defect of being always honest, I can't naturally think a lie.Being very new with the band I saw once some covers thinking doesn't matter any and than because of lack of patience some live intrviews of master Jeff the image changing in the stone original american, a strong root of the reals with all the fantesies, I knew him only for 5 minutes but was becoming already a cousin mine, I mean he's a metal singer and composer but a true artist and such a good man, he has even my soft hair.I don't think very clear fast some superficial things but because of naturally flexible emotions I felt a sudden sadness to recover fast my usual warm thinking, although still remembering from time to time the friendly blonde guy speacking I just have just returning the same sadness unwillingly from a strong law of all the natural things.I'm sorry Jeff just thinking for the second time is possible to be a true news.