Re: Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 - 2013)

My own personal Eulogy to Jeff using every single Slayer song ever written!!!

The recent passing of Jeff Hanneman is living proof that Evil Has No Boundaries. His untimely Fight Till Death was ultimately won by the Captor of Sin, as he was forced to Face the Slayer, which in turn led him to meet his Angel of Death at the Altar of Sacrifice where he will continue Haunting the Chapel for eternity. Jeff lived his life as an Aggressive Perfector whose Circle of Beliefs as a Disciple of Violent Pacification was to Read Between the Lies of Fictional Reality and Deviance such as: Black Magic , Temptation, Serenity In Murder , Chemical Warfare, Verbal Abuse, Leeches, Mandatory Suicide, Sex, Murder, Art, Public Display of Dismemberment and Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers in an effort to Abolish Government and Superficial Love.
Jeff’s Desire, In the Name of God, was to save the Expendable Youth, from the Dead Skin Mask of a Hallowed Point in becoming a Ghost of War in the Killing Fields where the War Zone is a Catalyst in the Eyes of the Insane, Jihad, Cult and Supremist. This War Ensemble will Show No Mercy towards the Skeletons of Society, or Crypts of Eternity in an effort to find Beauty Through Order. Bitter Peace is a Stain of Mind in the Scrum of the Overt Enemy in the Perversions of Pain to force the Human Strain of the Americon society to become Scarstruck and live in Catatonic Confearcy.
In a World Painted Blood, Spiritual Law cannot free a Tormentor from The Final Command of The Antichrist to Cast Down a Wicked Silent Scream to Spill the Blood in order to Cleanse the Soul of a Criminally Insane Necrophiliac who is hiding Behind the Crooked Cross. Richard Hung Himself in the Spirit of Black that Crionics would allow this Sick Boy to Kill Again as Payback to the Disciple of Mr. Freeze to Snuff out Hate Worldwide. Mind Control of the SS 3 and the Seven Faces of Unit 731 made this Gemini, whose only crime was Guilty of Being White see Blood Red. His Bloodline is Not of This God as he was Born of Fire and he has become an Addict of the Black Serenade. At Dawn They Sleep, as he screams Here Comes the Pain upon the Final Six, then he reigns down a Flesh Storm of Postmortem with unbridled Psychopathy Red causing Hardening of the Arteries and bringing them to the Threshold of pain before cutting them Piece By Piece as they are Raining Blood. God Send Death they plead as they ultimately Die By The Sword and he retorts I don’t Want To Hear It. I Hate You and Can’t Stand You comes Screaming From the Sky as Necrophobic tendencies take over in a dark scene similar to Playing with Dolls as he whispers demonically I’m Gonna Be Your God. Memories of Tomorrow quickly fade as Death’s Head rises in Epidemic proportions causing an Exile in New Faith to the Point of the Skeleton Christ conceding his Praise of Death.
Jeff’s Unguarded Instinct and Love to Hate through the Darkness of Christ has assured him many Seasons in the Abyss. Hell Awaits Jeff as he is Reborn South of Heaven and continues to Live Undead through some type of Divine Intervention proving once and for all that Jesus Saves. Rest In Peace Jeff!!

Dittohead 2:13