Re: An open letter to Slayer fans around the world:

Was the spider a brown recluse? I was bitten by one of them about 8 years ago. It was the most gnarly shit that ever happened to me. The bite started out as a dark purple mosquito sized bite, by day 3 it was the size of a baseball and extremely painful. Also the affected area was hard to the touch, being that the bite was on the upper inside of my right leg this was quite alarming (due to the proximity of my nutsack and pocket zombie). At the very center of the bite was a 1cm pale yellow dot. I did what anyone would do, I lanced that shit with an exacto knife. What i found was more terrifying then the pain itself. Tons of thick pus came out of my leg, as I kept cleaning it out it slowly started to change to very thick very dark blood. When I could get nothing more out I looked down and to my astonishment there was a a 3/4 inch deep hole going directly into my leg. At this point I decided "fuck it, lets go to the doctor". Long story short, the doc had some of the pus sent out on an emergency status and it came back as the previously mentioned "Brown Recluse spider". I was told that I was very lucky because of how I was bitten, on a fatty part of my inner leg. The hemotoxic and necrotic venom had entered a fat vacuole and was pretty much trapped in one localized spot. That didn't completely stop the venom, but slowed it enough that antibiotics could heal me. If this particular spiders bite enters the bloodstream unchecked you are pretty much fucked (look that shit up on the internet, you will see some of the most intense pictures out there). Anyway, the antibiotics were hard friggin' core, I had to spend a week in the hospital and was pretty much incapacitated the entire time. I was all doped up on painkillers, but it was not fun at all, actually it was the most pain I ever experienced. When the antibiotics were done they had killed all the bacteria in my system, even the good ones that let you digest milk and keep you from getting eye infections and shit. So the next round of suck was taking all this medicine to rebacterealize my system. At the end I survived but I have a 5 inch scar, from the tiny spider that could have ended my life. So I definitely feel for Jeff, get better bro, and keep rippin' it up. Gonna see the band at mayhem in Hartford this coming Sunday. Its been a full 2 years since the last time I saw Slayer live, needless to say I cant wait. Until then........sacrifice the unborn!!