Re: Why do you think that bands like Slayer do not come very often to Mexico?

I live in Western Canada, and we get our fair share of metal bands coming to our city (about 1 million ) to perform...but living in the province of Alberta means living in a really conservative place.We had neighbours from Texas once who told us living here is alot like living in ultra-conservative parts of Texas. I'm 57 years old...but ,I refuse to live life like a guy only 8 tears away from retirement and my wife feels the same way...if they can't accept us as we are they can go fuck off.So...I walk down the streets with my( really long) long hair and my white to greyish long beard, my SLAYER t shirts and camo pants on ...and people still stare at me the way they did in 1969. Maybe that's part of the reason (fuckin' conservative people) why kick ass bands like SLAYER don't play Mexico enough? I sometimes wonder if corporate big shots do their best to keep metal bands...SLAYER..SABBATH...MEGADETH etc. out of town?Who gives a fuck? Be a proud SLAYER fan...the old fuckers won't live forever! Whitewizard.


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Hey there my fellow SLAYER devotees! I wanted to add a thought for all of you to think over. It really does'nt matter where the fuck you live on the can enjoy total Slayerization in Mexico or Canada...IN England or Japan. No matter where you hang yer' hat...SLAYER has likely either been there is coming there...or will be where you call home someday. When you look around this world(painted blood)...SLAYER is'nt really that far away.As you await the next brain bashin' tour that brings SLAYER to your neck of the woods...enjoy the famous skull crushin' only SLAYER can deliver 364 days of the year. Crank that fuckin' stereo and soak up that Slaytanic buzz brought to you thanks to one of the hardest workin' constant tourin' bands on Earth...keep SLAYER playing in your mind...till you happen to hear the news that SLAYER is comin' your way! Meanwhile...LONG LIVE SSSLLLAAAYYYEEERRR!!!