Re: The Big 4 Festival

Should have been in AZ!!! There are too many posers in CA ,and there are way more metal fans in AZ and TX!!! I know you all live in CA except Kerry and Elfson...At least SLAYER/MEGA was here in August!!!


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Cali is the u

Cali is the u gunna say Az is better when all of Slayer lives here.

The Big 4

Metallica is headlining the show for a reason come see. Slayer is great but no question who makes this show worth a road trip.


WOAH WIOOAH!!!! all the real metal fans are in Cali not AZ or tx! u hater hahahahahaha IM GLAD THEYRE HAVING IT HERE IN CALI!!! WOOOOOOTTTT!!! SLAYERRR!!!! \m/ >.< mlm