Re: Paint LA Red With Slayer

Not going to join facebook just to enter a contest to watch a bunch of LA poser faggot bitches stand around and whine that they are getting bumped into...LA has the worst music scene I have ever seen personally...I have seen SLAYER 13 times in AZ where METAL lives and breathes.....I could tell you 40 places to play better than LA!!!


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So fucking true IKONOKLAST...

I can't recall if it was South of Heaven or Seasons but I was 18 - 20 years old and me and my brothers from other mothers thought going to LA to see Slayer was going to be awesome...We were young, fuckin crazy and from San Diego, had already seen Slayer in SD and I was an OG Show No Mercy/Haunting The Chapel/Hell Awaits bloody mosher from the beginning.........

Any way, LA fucking sucked and this was 20 fucking years ago, some things never kicked ass, the show was awesome but the LA crowd was weak ass pussy's. I was really disappointed in the fans and the pit...Just as you said, they were soft and posers for all trendy bands...The crowd had very few true Slayers and not just that, Slayer was young and new but I come from a punk background so the pit always calls but it was weak in LA and made me realize how hard core us in SD really are, not as big as a draw as your AZ home but the core group is as sick as it gets!

Fuckin Slayer Rules The World!!!