I attended the showing..It was kinda weird because I thought it was gonna be completely Live but it seems that there was a delay..because they didn't show any of the Guitar or drum testing..But Slayer kicked Ass..Megadeth put on a good show. Anthrax was "bleh" in my book. Some great guitar riffs but I didn't like how the singer sings. Metallica I feel has lost a step. Lars stands up WAAAAYYY too much for a drummer...Kirk found some of skill back but still played some solos with flaw. James Harmonizes and "sings" too much..Where is his grungy voice he used to have??? And the new bassist made himself look like a fool in front of the world..Monkey crawling the stage?? WTH dude Your in a metal band...The biggest in the world...Yeah he's very talented but just kinda childish to me..Anyways Great Great show...Very much History.. P.S. Why didn't Slayer attend in "Am I Evil" Was I the only one to notice this..Only Lombardo came eyes were searching the stage and I didn't see Tom, Kerry, or Hanneman???

The Acronym for Slayer-Satan Laughs as you Eternally Rot