Re: Your Official Countdown to International Day of Slayer

I just received the two $6.66 Psychopathy Red T-Shirts that I oreded for me and my 14 year ols son, (Who I'm taking to his first Slayer show in Portland Oregon,....Last stop on the tour.

You should have seen my boys face light up when I presented him with the shirt!
He's going to be a trasher just like his dad!'
Could'nt beat the price on the shurts either.
Happy belated birthday Tom,
and I pray you can holt it together until September so we can witness the spectical that is slayer!

You guys have been a part of my live for as long as I can remeber, and unlike some of the others,
I personally will not bitch and moan if you ever have to cancel or even call it quits, due to
the fact that you have already given all your fans world wide so much already. You are all true icons!!!
Thanks for doing what you do best, and best of luck concerning your health!

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