Re: Watch Tom Now on AOL Noisecreep + New Slayer Merch

Hell Yeah!
Death Angel is coming to Nashville too!!! 7/12 at the Muse!! I will fucking be there. Good to see not ALL metal bands have blown Nashville off! MetallicA loves Nashville! Death Angel....can't fucking wait to see this band. I was a pretty big fan of them in the 80's but have never seen them live... and regrettably stopped keeping up with them. Great to see they are still around. I will be downtown on 7/12!
Thanks for the heads up 'baned dude' Eye-wink

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i konw all your songss by heart. you rock. Laughing out loud I love them more ! Damn at the end of every issue x33 I love your music! my favourite song is the one you sang on your last concert.


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