Re: Canadian and American Carnage Dates Rescheduled

I wonder if they know what the Washington County Fairgrounds looks like???
They are set up to play there in lieu of the colusium in Portland on September 4th.
In Hillsboro???
There is no way this place will be able to accomidate the capacity, or the crowd.
The other issue is that there was 3 price levels, now everyone will be in a flat dust
bowl, in front of a small stage,....I mean come on,....this is where they have the county fair!
Jesus,.... some one fucked up on the rebooking of this event, and the facility will suffer
the wrath of the crowd when they figure out everyones not going to fit.
At least there's still a light at the end of the tunnel, and they have'nt took Oregon off the tour.
But still,....the county fair grounds??? WTF!

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I would have much rather had a shitty venue than nothing at all, way to be inappreciative!