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Can't find a venue? Slayer can come play in my back yard. Free, for all the Nashville fans that had floor tickets. Will look something like the attachment below...

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Heyyy metal-coleague

hahahah cool comment on my backyard for free hhahah. That comment is the only damn funny thing i have seen since they "postpponed-cancelled US"

Because I'm bored and pissed,

Because I'm bored and pissed, I went on-line to check the availability of the venues that were canceled. I looked at then during the time the American (except the southern part) Carnage Tour was happening and guess what. They are all available. Most do not have any events a month before or after this tour is here. I can only guess that the "other circumstances" they blame for the cancelations on is the $$$$$$$.
At least, you've made me a prophet (see my posting 1/26/10). More California shows added!?! ATTENTION THOSE WHO RUN SLAYER.Net: We are not stupid. At least have the balls to tell us the truth.
Satan wouldn't lie.


Because I'm bored and pissed, I decided to look at the availability, on-line, of the venues that are canceled. I looked for bookings while Slayer is on the American (except the whole southern part) Carnage Tour. Guess what! Every venue is available, nothing booked in some cases for over a month before and after the tour. I guess the other circumstances this site mentions is the $$$$$$$.
At least you've made me a prophet (look at my posting 1/26/10). More California shows.
Attention: SLAYER.NET, we are not stupid!

Rescheduled dates....hosed....

I contacted Ticketmaster about the recent screw job on Detroit versus Cleveland tickets. Guess what they said? "Tough Shit, no exchange no refund" Effectively, "pay double to see Slayer if you want to!" Nice response! While the entire surgery situation is certainly not within the realm of their control, how their loyal fans are treated certainly is. They and/or their management company should step in and make sure all customers affected by these changes are taken care of properly. Simply hiding behind a website and taking a "hey, it's not us" approach is not the solution. I've seen them 15+ times in my life and this is the type of thing that can make me question their dedication to this and whether I want to keep funneling cash in their direction!!!!