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Dave! you are awesome! the best drummer by far! I have an autographed drum stick of your I got from a GRIP INC. show that I happened to shoot pool with your singer. Great show, drumming and just mind blowing!

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With all do respect to Dave

With all do respect to Dave (or maybe not)..........He was the drummer that began with my favorite thrash metal band of all time.............but no one could ever fill Paul Bostaphs shoes. When playing the old slayer songs live,he imitated Daves' beats and fills to a "T". When I saw Slayer live with Dave after Pauls' departure,Dave couldn't pull off the newer Slayer songs that Paul wrote the beats for. You may hate me for saying that,but I've been a drummer for 30+ years and a Slayer fan from thier beginning. I know what I'm talkin' about. Just listen to any one of the albums Paul was on and you'll hear what I'm talkin' about. Diabolous,Divine Intervention,God Hates us all,the punk cover album........hands down the best speed metal thrash hardcore and punk drumming EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We miss you Paul. Hope all is working out with you in Testament.