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just woke up and im listening to SLAYER,what a good way to start the morning,tom screaming kerry and jeff soloing like madmen,and dave beating away like there is no tomorrow.cant wait to really listen to my next review of BEAUTY THROUGH ORDER.i;ll post my thoughts later today.thanks CHRIS SLAY


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another incredible song Tom and Jeff are just incredible lyric writers espically when they write together.the music again goes nicely with the lyrics as usual.the solos ,drums,bass all so tight its insane.i just dont understand how you guys just keep getting better and better. but you do.thanks CHRIS SLAY


i dont know what it is but when Jeff and Tom get together to write a song everything seems to fall into place(not to take away anything from Kerrys writing ability)the lyrics and music go hand in hand.I think this album is in the running along with REIGN IN BLOOD,andSOUTHOF HEAVEN as one of their best albums.but the song BEAUTY THROUGH ORDER is insane,one of the best!!!!!! i'll be reviewing a song a day. i wish there was more than 11 to review.i would be very proud of this album,and the short hold your heads up high you deserve it. thanks CHRIS SLAY