can not beleive the album the sound quality is great guitars,bass,drums all sound gets better every time i listen to it.UNREAL!!!!!!


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tales from the pit

i put a new tales from the pir in and didnt get any points! whats up with that?

U.S. tour dates

does anyone know when SLAYER will be starting the U.S. leg of the tour.And any ideas on who they will be touring with?something different would be good like maybe The Sword,ive seen them twice,talked with them both times. really good guys. the bass player went out of his way for me to get their setlist signed by everyone for me thought that was really nice of him. But i dont know there isnt to many good bands that can really open for slayer, i mean fear factory came close,hatebreed songs all sound the same(sorry but they do!)the only ones close that i can think of is Lamb of God.but what would be really cool is FANTOMAS opening for SLAYER. then we could see dave play twice as long,as well see alot of other good musicians.and i dont care what anyone says i love Mike Patton as a singer,screamer,noisemaker or what ever hes great.ive seen FANTOMAS once and they were great. Plus Buzz from the Melvins,also an incredible musician as well as a singer and all the other guys espically the drummer forthe Melvins hes also very talanted. but in order to see all of them it would have to be the FANTOMAS/MELVINS BIG BAND playing not just FANTOMAS(less people in the band)but enough babbling it would be great if that happened,one can dream.but if any one knows about U.S. dates post it. THANKS Chris Slay