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Playing With Toys Dead/ Deaths Dreams

As a child he wakes in his dream and he gets out of his bed exits his room and goes down the hall way to the last closet on the right opens the closet and finds himself dead on top of a pile of toys. "A loss of love, A loss of life, this is his emptiness, this is his strife, to search within, find love again, is this him!" ------Denver

"He whom love touches not walks in darkness." --------PLATO

"What an extraordinarily serious situation is that of us mortals!" Terrestrial Officer Denver

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Criminally Insane and The Three Stooges In Psychosis Diagnosis

The criminally Insane and The Three Stooges In Psychosis DiagnosisYou can be set free on a technicality explain the law again to me! "I'm a victim of circumstance." Curly
The Three Stooges were a big hit and that's about all.