Tom Araya lost his voice in Australia!!

Tom Araya lost his voice in Australia!!
"Slayer and Mgadeth player in Melbourne together for the first time in something like 15 years. Megadeth were awesome. Unfortunately, Tom Araya had blown has voice pre-gig so a lot of the Slayer songs were instrumentals. At other times the band had various guys on stage singing the vocals." ... 3NZAjizYdI

Another guy is singing the track above. Check the link!


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Get better Tom!

I was at this show in Melbourne on friday. Pretty disappointing but they did the best they could. If your voice is gone, it's gone. Glad they didn't cancel the show like they did in Adelaide.

Here is footage of Tom telling the crowd he couldn't sing after the first song:

... AND here is footage of my friend Paul singing Dead Skin Mask FOR them!! Lucky bastard!

I'm flying to Sydney for the special "Reign In Blood" show this thursday! Hope Tom's ok by then! If they cancel, i'll kill someone!!

Feel better Tom!


omfg!!!!!!! =(


lost voice

lost his voice, heart breaking for me cos i travelled from mt isa in queensland, also i paid $280 on ebay for the privellage. but you cant do fuck all if you ose your voice. those who left the gig early only did it for the theatrics, they can get fucked.... get well tom, and get back here and giv us a slayer gig we will remember for eternity!!! there was even talk of FORGIVENESSSSS!!!!! SLAYER WERE AWESOME, VOICE OR NO VOICE.