Limited Edition 'Hate Worldwide' One Track CD Out On October 19th in the UK

The strictly limited edition 'Hate Worldwide' one track CD is out on October 19th available only through independant record shops. Only 1000 of these will be released in the UK. Full list of stockists below...

A&A -Congelton
Action Records-Preston
Adrians – Wickford
Apollo -Paisley
Avalanche- Edinburgh
Avalanche -Glasgow
Barneys-East Soton
Barnstorm- Dumfries
Better Leisure-Great Yarmouth
Chalkys - Banbury
CHEW & OSBORNE-Saffron Walden
Clives- Lerwick
Crash- Leeds
Esprit – Meopham
Fidelity Entertainment-Ilfracombe
Fives – Leigh on Sea
Gatefield - Herne Bay
Gatefield – Whitstable
Grooves -Kirkwall
Ian Davis - Berkshire
Jumbo- Leeds
Key Mail – Croydon
Loud One – Stoke On Trent
Music Mania-Hanley, Stoke
No 19-Guernsey
One Up- Aberdeen
Pheonix-Newton Abbott
Rapture-Witney & Evesham
Reflex- Newcastle
Rockbox – Camberley
Rough Trade East – London
Roundsounds – Burgess Hill
Sister Ray – London
Slipped Discs - Billericay
Sound & Image - Kent
Sound & Vision -Elgin  
Sound Knowledge-Marlboro
Soundhouse – Broadstairs
Spillers- Cardiff
Spin -Bridlington
Spin- Halifax
Spin -Keighley
ST Records-Dudley
The Heavy Sounds - Nottingham
Townsend- Chorley
Townsend-Great Harwood
Valhalla -Kilmarnock
What Recs-Buron, Hastings

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Will definately get one.Spillers here I come........

Tom Araya lost his voice in Australia!!
"Slayer and Mgadeth player in Melbourne together for the first time in something like 15 years. Megadeth were awesome. Unfortunately, Tom Araya had blown has voice pre-gig so a lot of the Slayer songs were instrumentals. At other times the band had various guys on stage singing the vocals." ... 3NZAjizYdI

Another guy is singing the track above. Check the link!


I will trying to find one...
Fuckin' Slayer....................

Good for UK.........
i just must wait till november 2