Re: Listen to "World Painted Blood"

Another GREAT new song!!!
You really have to listen to these new songs a few times before you can appreciate the intricate nuances throughout them.
The song starts off with an eerie 'Navajo' chant (apparently), with a 'martial' drumroll that quickly, but subtly, turns into an interesting tribal/warlike drum fill, with riff that lends itself to South of Heaven in the distance.
Then the guitars come into full swing with a thrashy 80's sounding riff. Araya's vocals follow in good stead, along with a subtle hint of bass in the background.
If you listen closely you may also hear in the opening verses some clever tempo changes.
At around the 1:40 mark, Lombardo, once again, elicits his groove, as he does as well in other pockets throughout the track.
Then at about 2:20 in comes a riff, so brooding, heavy and evil, that only Slayer could have spawned it. This is quintessential Slayer! This part at least. The song itself has a lot of new varied parts.
The solos eventually emerge, backed by a backing riff that is slow and very heavy. The solos are like soaring soundscapes which lead into a diatribe spoken by Araya, backed by the same heavy backing riff noted before, which together, produce a very heavy, evil sound indeed, reminiscient of Raining Blood, "your time slips away ...".
Araya is in bloody good form.
This is followed by the aforementioned '80's riff' and the song's end.

Awesome stuff!

Thanks again Slayer!!