Canadian Carnage part II

Slayer and Megadeth are returning to Canada for more Carnage...
The duo is teaming up for their second round of Canadian dates,the "Canadian Carnage East" tour,set to kick off November 8th.
Pre-sale tickets are on sale now for everyone signed up for the <a href="" target="_blank">Slayer Fan Club</a>, and will go on-sale to the general public THIS Friday.
Check the <a href="" target="_blank"> tour section</a> for all the details, and stay tuned for more news as the Slayer world tour continues...

Comments for this News article

OK...everyone is pumped to see SLAYER till we all seen the news on tour list for Toronto, November 13th. We are have our tickets ready for next week.
Now WHY the F**K... is it saying it is postponed!!!
It is our last concert till spring and summer hits again, CMON.
Lets see what kind of mayhem can be done, or s**t gonna hit the fan that night.

FUCK yeah!

Got my ticket for their Toronto show... FRIDAY THE 13TH too, the perfect date to witness destruction


they are hitting halifax, nova scotia on the 9th, i bought my ticket online the minute they went on sale!!!! im fucking pumped!!!!!!!!

and they are going to kick off Moncton, NB haha my town Smiling already got my ticket can't fucking wait!!!

The gotta come back to the west and a third Canadian Carnage for us west Canada Fans, they rarely come up here.