Tickets On Sale Tomorrow For Slayer At Luna Park

Slayer are set to perform a special, all-ages show at the Big Top at Luna Park on October 15 where they will perform their album 'Reign In Blood' in its entirety.

Tickets for this unmissable gig will go on sale Wednesday 16th at 9am from Ticketek or 132 849, Utopia Records (02 9571 6662), and 1300 Big Top or

Slayer's new album 'World Painted Blood' in stores October 30

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YES! I now have tickets to see Slayer on 8 October and 15 October. May I ask how we enter to register for the chance to attend the Aussie advance hearing of World Painted Blood?

cool now have slayer / megadeth 8th, birthday 12th, then slayer 15th party party party