World Painted Blood Photo Contest

In anticipation of the release of new record on Nov 3rd Slayer wants you to help "PAINT THE WORLD BLOOD" by PAINTING YOURSELF BLOOD

Using the art provided below (or by any other means), use your best photoshop skills to "paint your photo blood." Upload your photo to the World Painted Blood Contest Gallery on

The band will be choosing their favorite 3 entries to win deluxe editions of World Painted Blood and an autographed poster!

Download the art and upload your photo here

Read Rules Here

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Yah, I agree with you guys. It sucks but I am sure its a legal/country issue, not a Slayer issue. Slayer would never just have it in the US, they love all their fans but legally and due to country restrictions/rules they probably could only offer it in the USA...

Slayer Rules!!!

Slayer Rules the Fuckin' World!!!

"World Painted Blood" or "US Painted Blood"?

why this contest is only for people from US??????
that fuckin sucks....
Fans from another countries are great Slayer's fans as from US fans...