World Painted Blood Is Here

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The wait is's time to let the Blood spill.

World Painted Blood has been released to the world.
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World Painted Blood Listening Party
AOL Music is celebrating Slayer's newest release, and will have World Painted Blood on repeat all day.

Hear the full album before you head to the stores online now.

Comments for this News article

I got it, I played it, I loved it..!
Great, awesome, huge, terrific... there are not enough words to describe it!
Nothing wrong, all in the middle of the target: Slayer rules and kicks ass!
Unleash the Hate!
My only hope is that they will play A LOT of those songs while on stage!
See you in Paris on december 13th, guys!

PS: oh, I forgot the most important: GET WELL SOON, TOM!

Hearing the whole album in it's entire'd kicks FUCKIN ASS!!...can't make it 2 any store. so ordering it is going to be a fuckin wait, it'll be worth it. you guy's did it again!!...FUCKIN SLAYER!!...& a get well is in order 4 #1TOM ARAYA!!... KERRY KING,DAVE LAMBARDO,JEFF guy's kick ASS!...

Picture 2.jpg16.74 KB

Jeff Hanneman continues to amaze me with his lyrics,solos and personality.the lyrics go perfect for the music backing it up,hell the whole song is great.the drums insane,the solos incredible AS ALWAYS.keep it up Jeff with the lyrics they are great. wish you would write commenting on 1 song a day, so i can really listen to it as much as i can before i give my oppinion. so far i cant complain at all.keep it up, the song UNIT 731 rules!!!!!!thank you. CHRIS SLAY


the DVD that has PLAYING WITH DOLLS on it is great SLAYER couldnt have put their stamp on any other short-story than that.the music and pictures matched up perfectly.and the songs matched just as good.if i were SLAYER i would be very proud of having inspired such a good short as PLAYING WITH DOLLS. you should have the director and annimator do a video for you. i can imagine what you guys would come up with.keep it up!!!!!!CHRIS SLAY


Exactly what the slayerfans wanted.

wow is the great album,this increible!!!

That's it!

I have mine too!

And it's fucking awesome!!!!!

Thank you Slayer!!!!

Oh man... I can't wait to get my CD. I want to listen to it over and over again until my stereo breaks.

Yeah, now i have mine and i can listen it.
It was so long but now it' s ok and ready for next tour as soon as Tom get better.
Fuckin' Slayer for ever.

i got mine in the mail last night! it fucking rules! slayer hasnt lost anything! stay true you crazy motherfuckers!

got my cd but i could'nt seem to find the CD/DVD edition anywheres? anyone that can help me plzz?

Got my copy too.
It's the best Slayer album since 1990 in my personal opinion.This IS SLAYER!!!
I hope there's gonna be a live date here in Greece.

My best wishes to Tom...

Jeff blows me away with his lyrics.they fit hand in hand with the music its amazing.the song is great,the solos are incredible as allways so are the drums and bass "what you can hear" not to knock Tom.keep writing Jeff you only get better.thanks CHRIS SLAY


Kerry continues to amaze me with his lyrics.'I'M A GODLESS HERETIC-NOT A GOD FEARING LUNATIC'.now thats a lyric!!!!!! amazing, i can only imagine whats going through your head when you write,your insane. but in a good way.keep writing your amazing.the music goes great with the lyrics as always.the solos incredible as all ways.the drums and bass also amazing.Kerry keep up the awesome work your only getting better.can not wait to see you guys live!!!!!! thanks, CHRIS SLAY


i just got the vinyl. fucking awesome.