UK and European Dates Announced

After taking over Australia, Japan, and Canada...

Slayer will be headed to Europe this November and December.

Dates have now been announced for: Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, England, and Scotland.

Check the tour section for venue and ticket information, and stay tuned for more news as Slayer continues their path of destruction....

Comments for this News article

I have seen slayer 8 times and i want to se them the 9th time,so i hope u will come to sweden
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thanks for posting the venue and ticket information
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Your music is great! i prefer listening to your music at night!
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Hey , I live in Italy, Milan. Can you please tell me about the schedule here? I dont wanna miss this So I want to make it sure.

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May I please ask if anybody knows who special guests would be for Glasgow date? Many Thanks X

Either Slayer come to Poland next year or I'm fucking killing myself

Why dont you come to Poland ??

I have seen slayer 8 times and i want to se them the 9th time,so i hope u will come to sweden Smiling)

Where in the name of Slayer is the Irish date????
That sucks!

Hey guys,
just bought some tickets on a french site ( very reasonnable price including coach trip from lyon.
they also sell packs with hotel and tickets.

No more tickets for paris, december the 13th...

... but already a lot of them on ebay!
It sucks...!


just tell, are these all your dates.

i'm really fucking pissed off, if you don't come to finland

We're looking forward to see you in Istanbul

One more show in Paris........................
Fuckin' Slayerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

WE NEED MORE DATES IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!PLEASE COME TO HOUSTON>>>>>>having SLAYER withdrawls already.....its only been 6 weeks and im already got the SLAYER PIT jones!!!!!!!

a milano all alkatraz c sono vai slayer........\m/

cmon, in europe, you are the most popular in finland.

You gotta come to Poland. We're waiting for you!

yeah, yeah, yeah Slayer in Germany!!

No Polish tour dates???????????? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

No Irish tour dates bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Facking Banana, it's felt odd not seeing Slayer this year esp at Download...roll on November!!!
Can't wait to see Slayer virgins getting pasted in the pit rofl. In a nice friendly way of course....Eye-wink

Glasgow fuckin' Barrowlands - Superb - much better than the shitty O2 Academy or SECC!

See y'all in the pit!

why those otherf*cking germanies get slayer 5 times in year not fair they understandt nothing about music

no finland! =(

Concert in Belgium is sold out. In no time all was sold out. unlucky i was to late. see them next time

This tour is Fucking Shit my year is ruined no scandinavian dates, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you in England, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and many more.................
Fuckin' Slayer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manchester Academy , fuck yeah!

See you in Vienna!!!

Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester See You In The Pit!!