Soundwave Festival Announced

Coming February and March of 2011...
Slayer will wreak havoc on the metal fans of Australia, as they take the stage for 5 nights at next year's Soundwave Festival.

Check below for confirmed dates, and stay tuned for ticket information:
Saturday February 26 Brisbane Soundwave Festival
Sunday February 27 Sydney Soundwave Festival
Friday March 4 Melbourne Soundwave Festival
Saturday March 5 Adelaide Soundwave Festival
Monday March 7 Perth Soundwave Festival

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If I had an american dollar for every show that I had tickets for that ended up being cancelled???


ooww beware you Aussies. I love slayer, but here's the prediction of what will happen. Before the first date, the tour will have been postponed at least once. once the tour finally starts it will be plagued with cancellations. By March 8 2011 (but as said, probably later) Slayer will fuck off back to the US, with a half fullfilled tour and a lot of disappointed fans. And an apology to the fans? God no, that will be too much to ask.