LOS ANGELES, CA - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 -- To help mark the band's very first performance at the Hollywood Palladium in 25 years, Slayer will play a special, one-time-only set at their show this Sunday, October 27. According to Kerry King, Sunday will be "Old School Slayer Night," and the band's set list will be comprised of songs dating back to the band's inception, will include tracks from the genre-defining Reign In Blood as well as South of Heaven, the band's second Gold album, up to and including 1990's Seasons In The Abyss, their third Gold disc. "We're still putting together the set list," said King, "but we're going to make sure we play one or two rarities as well. Should be a lot of fun for the band as well as the fans." Sunday and Monday's Palladium dates are part of Slayer's five-week North American headline tour - the band's first in two years - that kicks off this Friday, October 25 in Las Vegas. Slayer - guitarist King, Tom Araya/bass, vocals, drummer Paul Bostaph, and guitarist Gary Holt who continues to fill in for the late founding member Jeff Hanneman - will have Gojira and 4ARM support on all dates. Check out the Tour section for further dates and tickets.

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You entice your fans with an announced 1st show at the palladium in 25 years. The show sells out and another show is added. Only it is added the day before making it the actual 1st show and now it is going to be Old School Slayer Night. What about all of us that went out and bought tickets to the original 1st show that is now the 2nd show and sold it out? And how come no AZ show? Mesa amphitheater is badass! Reference Live Intrusion! We will be there Monday ready thrash with the baddest thrash band on the planet either way. Just feel kind of cheated.

You should reward fans like me who bought tickets to Monday's show which was the first Palladium show on sale. Sunday was an add on show. Make us proud and do the right thing \m/