Slayer Pinball Rocks + $7.99 iTunes Catalog Sale

Slayer is about to enter the app age with the launch of Slayer: Pinball Rocks, a new pinball game app.

"As a life-size pinball player, this looks so awesome," said Slayer's Kerry King. "It looks really fun and entertaining, with a shot of evil, and it could definitely keep me up all night with a few shots for myself."

Slayer: Pinball Rocks continues the rich legacy of iconic metal and rock bands making pinball tables. in Slayer: Pinball Rocks Slayer meets the king of arcade games in one loud, fast, flipper-thrashing frenzy. With hyper-realistic pinball gameplay set to a backdrop inspired by the band's latest head-banging masterpiece, World Painted Blood, the game includes multi-ball play, and a full tap-along mini-game in a pinball environment straight out of your worst nightmare featuring spinning razor blades, guitars, amps, concert lights, and a skull that eats your ball and spits it out through its eyeball.

All this is set to music from the new album, original voice recordings from Tom Araya.

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THIS WEEK ONLY: To celebrate the release of Slayer: Pinball Rocks, the entire Slayer catalog(including World Painted Blood) will be on-sale at iTunes for $7.99.

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