Slayer Live at AOL Sessions

The AOL Studios have never been so bloody...

Watch Slayer's AOL Session, featuring a killer performance of "World Painted Blood" NOW.

Even better extend your International Day of Slayer celebrations...
Invite all your fellow metal heads over for your own, head-banging viewing party.

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PO1NT 1998 Jeff Hanneman


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This is awesome performance!!! Slayer is really undisputed KING of THRash Metal. I know Tom really wants to do his own headbang but be patient man,you're doing a great job...

Fucking awesome!!! I can't wait till they come to San Diego in August!!!

Slayer Rules the Fucking World!!!

Slayer Rules the Fuckin' World!!!

awesome performance.slayer still and always will kick ass.slayer rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds great!
I feel kind of sorry for Tom, you can tell he wants to headbang,
but he's still doing a fantastic job!
I cant wait to see them on the last stop of the carnage tour
in September in Oregon.

SLAYER still kicking ass!!!! awesome job guys!!!