Release Week Continues...

It has only been 3 days, but World Painted Blood has already commenced its path of destruction...

Check below to follow the latest trail.

World Painted Blood Interviews
-The Shockhound Taco Tuesday features Corey from Slipknot raving about World Painted Blood and rating it 5 "Destructive Bowel Crushing Tacos" out of 5. Shockhound also has the entire Slayer catologue on sale now

-NY Magazine Interviews Tom and Kerry on "How Much It Rules To Be In Slayer" READ MORE

-Jeff 's "5 Things I Hate" interview is on right now (the good stuff starts at 5:22) WATCH HERE

World Painted Blood Reviewed
-"It’s certainly the most raw, natural sounding album the band have done probably ever" READ MORE

-"The monster is still alive and, by the sounds of it, awake and hungry for more"- READ MORE gives the album "4 skulls" READ MORE

-AV Club Review and "A" Rating READ MORE

Stay tuned as the path continues...