Playing With Dolls Weekend Premiere

We already brought you the "Playing With Dolls" Trailer, back in October and this weekend we are revealing the full 20 minute video.

"Playing With Dolls" is a 12-part nightmare that breathes corrupt life into Slayer's latest syllabus of stalkers, psychopaths and serial killers, following the gruesome outbursts of a nameless protagonist.

Watch the full video starting Saturday only on and

After Sunday the video will be locked away, and only made available in the Limited Edition CD+DVD World Painted Blood Package.

Comments for this News article

I want to have the video, i think it´s going to be awesome!!!!!!!

I forgot my ipod at a friends house and i haven't had a chance to listen to you since last 2 days now. I guess not a lot of other singers do this because the not a Tom Boy or somthing. I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE NEXT ISSUE!


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Awesome video, hurry to have the dvd to watch at home with a big sound.