Playing With Dolls Trailer + US Album Pre-Order Now!

We gave you your first look at the World Painted Blood release, when we unveiled the four cover album art package.

Today we have the second piece and a special preorder offer...

Metalocalypse director and big-time Slayer fan Mark Brooks created a 20-minute DVD titled PLAYING WITH DOLLS, a 12-episode video-graphic novel that will be included exclusively in Slayer's WORLD PAINTED BLOOD Deluxe Edition, out November 3.

Inspired by the songs on World Painted Blood - in particular, Jeff Hanneman's "Playing With Dolls, " from which the horror short takes its title - the film blends elements of animation and still photography into a visual style similar to that of a graphic novel.

Take a look at the Playing with Dolls trailer now playing on the homepage

US Fans can visit the Slayer pre-order page to secure your copies of:

• The LIMITED EDITION World Painted Blood CD (including the collector's edition CD covers
• The LIMITED EDITION World Painted Blood CD/DVD (including Playing With Dolls)
• The World Painted Blood 180-Gram Vinyl LP
• EXCLUSIVE World Painted Blood T-Shirt


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Playing With Toys Dead/ Deaths Dreams

As a child he wakes in his dream and he gets out of his bed exits his room and goes down the hall way to the last closet on the right opens the closet and finds himself dead on top of a pile of toys. "A loss of love, A loss of life, this is his emptiness, this is his strife, to search within, find love again, is this him!" ------Denver

"He whom love touches not walks in darkness." --------PLATO

"What an extraordinarily serious situation is that of us mortals!" Terrestrial Officer Denver

A friend from US pre- ordered a copy of cd+DVD for me!!!! Laughing out loud

Just Fuckin cant wait man..Slayer Forever! Come see us.

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why fans from outside the us can`t order limited edition cd??

I can't order from France, so disapointed................

can't pre-order but this album is worth waiting! \m/

Great trailer.Can't wait to see this full 20 minute film. Especially with the soundtrack it has. Pissed off that I can't order the t-shirt bundle because I live in the UK. What's all that about? There is a whole world of Slayer fans outside the U.S you know guys. Don't forget that. Anyway roll on November 2nd. I suppose at least we get the album release fiirst eh?Ha ha.........