Jagermeister Tour Part 3

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Just wanted to say tonight will be my 20 + Slayer show I've been listening since I was 12. Slayer is the only band around that has never changed, the sound is always the same they stick to their guns.

Playing with Megadeth I was a little shocked but I can chill to some Holy wars before we hear some Expendable Youth... Looking forward to tonight not so much towards Mega but Anthrax hell yeah My possee and Persistance of time take me back to being a confused angry young stoner girl in my bedroom driving my mother insane!!

BTW i secured iluvslayer email address back when I was 17 anyone I give it to whether its for business cable co whatever is always like thats a badass email address so glad i got it when I did. Because know matter how old I get now 31 I will always love Slayer !!

Jadegirl!! Slayer fan since I was 12

I just saw Slayer with Anthrax and Megadeth at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 16th, 2010. All I got to say is Slayer blew me away...Thanks for the guitar pick you threw off stage Kerry!

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