Canadian Carnage part II

Slayer and Megadeth are returning to Canada for more Carnage...

The duo is teaming up for their second round of Canadian dates,the "Canadian Carnage East" tour,set to kick off November 8th.

Pre-sale tickets will start TOMORROW at 10 AM, for everyone signed up for the Slayer Fan Club, and will go on-sale to the general public THIS Friday.

Check the tour section for all the details, and stay tuned for more news as the Slayer world tour continues...

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AAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!! Do I really have to hitch hike all the way to Canada to see you guys? My fuckin' dad isnt taking me, and being 14, I sure as hell can't drive. COME TO PHILADELPHIA!!!!!!! Bring Megadeth with you!!!!!!!

I´d like to kill some canadians.. they got slayer twice in year.
Slayer Finland needs you ! come and my winter is perfeckt