Attention Los Angeles: Your Chance to Meet Slayer

Come out and celebrate the release of World Painted Blood...

Slayer will be making an appearance at the Los Angeles Hot Topic next Wednesday, November 4 at 3:30 PM

Don't miss it, check the Slayer tour section now for full details.

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come to finland!

But much better is Ukraine. We have Chernobyl powerplant.)) Zionist Occupation Government annihilate whole nation! People disappear. Murders became ordinary thing. Bloody revolution is about to happen. Cool!

why allways america Finland is better

The release of World Painted Blood is the biggest event of 2009! Great album from the best metal band in the world, Hail Slayer! \m/

If i could i will be in this place to celebrate this release but i can't because it' s too too far and i'm very disapointed.
I' m in a hurry to have this fuckin' new record.