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  • j49ergarcia42
    Slayer did a show at the Trocadero in SF CA in the mid to late 90’s. I wish I could be more specific about the year. To have a Slayer show at such a small venue was really pushing the envelope. Whoever was responsible for putting on that show is lucky the club wasn’t damaged permanently! I remember thinking that the stacks were way to big for such a small stage. And I was right! It was decibel warfare when SLAYER started their set! You could almost see the waves of the bass drum! And ...
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  • Slayer was direct support for Pantera on this your in the very early 2000's. It's an arena and my seats are decent but not great. While changeover is happening for the Slayer set, I started talking with some dudes named Mike and Pete seated next to me. Our discussion turned to the the insanity of Slayer pits and one of my new friends suggested we rush the pit when the lights go black right before Slayer starts. Playing devils advocate, I point to several police officers ...
  • Mickthebike
    Thursday evening I've been waiting for 2 hours when I see SLAYER out of their bus to enter La Laiterie Strasbourg ... A sign of Gary, smiling Tom and entered prepare ... 21:30, the background music stops ... It's gone! A fucking show with a great choice of songs!! The plublic is shaped ... And SLAYER in great shape! The show is apocalyptic! 1:45 of pure bliss and cutting up the ass!! HELLYEAH SLAYER!!
  • I would love to know how Slayer plans a "world" tour but yet isn't coming to the most important city in the world,FUCKING NYC?? Anyone?
  • I was lucky enough to get to go and see the boys play in Camden last night. The show was awesome! Typically tight sounding thrashing Slayer show. Getting to see "Old School Slayer Night" was perfect for me as 85-90 was when my musical taste was developed and I know the lyrics of every album front to back from that time period. Absolutely all my favorites! The pit was a little active throughout the show but I can tell that the Slayer audience is getting a little older as I ...
  • Just saw Slayer in Columbus for the first time, and also the first metal show I've been too. Big eye opener getting clocked in the face in the first 5 minutes, but it was rad as hell. Shit got gnarly and heavy and it was exactly how I imagined it'd be
  • Ok so I just signed up for an account n I am 25 been to plenty of metal shows, super big fan of Megadeth, I've seen them like 5 times. Any way I'm like 5"11' benching 365 n pretty much fuck up shit in the pit!!! So i haven't been to a Slayer concert yet!!! I'm going to see them this Friday in Las Vegas. I hear stories about the Slayer shows my older cousins been to back in the 90's but they don't get down in the pit like I do!! Some ppl like sky ...
  • My first Slayer shows were when they co-headlined Pantera's two final U.S. Tours. I was 15. Went to the show alone, don't remember how I got home a hour away. concerts pre-9/11 were fucking crazy! First thing I wanted to do was get high and mosh, held my own for awhile until some fat kid started skanking and punched me in the mouth. Got cheap shotted in the back by a skinhead, there were a lot of them there for Pantera obviously. I remember making it through WAR ENSEMBLE. The ...
  • buzzgud
    After being in the Army for four years and missing you guys all four years, YOU GUYS COME TO MASS!! I'll be there and can't wait to fucking mosh my way to hell!!
  • In summer 2011 Slayer was playing the Heavy festival in Toronto so I knew I'd have to make the journey to the big city. The last night's top three headliners (in order of time playing) were Slayer, Billy Talent and then Rob Zombie. Well everyone thought that Slayer was going to close out the festival but to everyone's dismay it looked as if Slayer would technically be opening for Rob Zombie... and Billy Talent. This did not sit well with the hardcore metal crowd of ...
  • by jedi68
    Good afternoon, I wish I could have contact with the band manager, since they Slayer band is comming to Mexico City I would like to know if they will be willing to do something with low resources young people that is good fan of the band. Please send me an e-mail to
  • I first heard Slayer in 1998. I was 11 at the time. My older brother just bought the Diabolus In Musica tape. I'll probably make a pussy out of myself but at first I was so fucking afraid of this whiteheaded motherfucker on the cover that I didn't want to get anywhere near this tape. But finally curiosity won. I've put the tape in, pressed play and I waited. It was on side A and the first track was Bitter Peace. At first it was normal. Some guitars, some drums. Just music. ...


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God rocks, so does Jesus. So does Slayer. Good job.

This is the last album to say something to early about the one from 2015 that does not appear.I really think I remember I saw this name younger as it says 2010 and is as classic as the first albums and that's why I think the site is an overlapped censorship of selection and discrimination of the Slayer band.May be some legal choice for the psychologicals connected with the metal but I have no legal problems so may be a speculation with bride of some ex high school mate left in the US, a concert may be used to check my ID for the censorship in something that may bad happen along with a special tortion, anything felt may be in any measure by amplified by radioactive tehnic means to lead after in crises at the same sensation at the usual level.I plan to spend the summer in Austria the same with the horned vipers so I tried to change the nickname from 2014 basic in & LawLayer, I respect in the same time the possibility of having the original band in front, but I think the feedback of the FBI to check my identity didn't succeed, I completed the form with the same result as before.The horned vipers are very peaceful in Austria and the pythons some fighters, I can stay ten years near vipers there,I think is a different species because doesn't go into trees like in England and there are more like insect sounds but I hear feet of lizards, they bite only touched like the lizards, I touched only once one with the plastic cover I put under tent but restly the make no pressure, I sleep empty with my skin and they have only an interest in the empty places and my cousin promised me a vaccine because they refuse in pharmacies.I hesitate to come there to a concert in my way because I think I'm waited for a bad surprise to change my good impression about the band and I'll not go by purpose in any pythonic area.The pythons are harassing all night long and if I go in a camping usually down I have to sleep in the morning each time.There are many choices Tom, Liezen, Leoben, big cities are having a lot of fir tree wood, I can't come to Graz or Nickelsdorf in the field, I don't know what business really is this, or if bad if fake(As I see the site is changing according to what I'm saying sometimes I think - what if isn't really a lie, what is is the original site and band and I'm in a too big attention I don't deserve, how I'll wash the shame finally, the last year the master on the higher level was was going down around every word and this year just waits patiently up.I thought I may be really followed by any big personality because of this supposed EU quarantine of the new east circulation where my community put me in a public main attention unwillingly and the rest of the world stayed with no occupation on this historical occasion.I see first some drawings and when I look on other top sites is the same thing and the hitting true - being in a real virtual touch with a worldwide personality, how do I wash after the shame of having said myself anything personally?!Forget the coincidence anyway, I didn't anymore say something the last year, and remember - necessary cash tickets, I'm myself so courageous, I'm going to make a sack of dry bread for the mice that I close the house for the lizard guards.).I'm going to Turkey until 1 of May and if I have a date I can decide what national road do I take in Austria, I have to come there with my bag with the tent, no problem if I throw a knife, I can't sleep in a camping with pythons.I search only the fir tree brown grounds with no grass that aren't in field areas or near lakes(Hey, I have a medium bag with the tent and a plastic cover thyat I carry on shoulders but works well in a hand, isn't big enough to stay on it, I spoke with the police and is legal except salubrity problems, they can check but I'm very carrefull because the last year I didn't have a vaccine and I can't keep a viper in tent, they are very weak near cities down and works a weak dose, doesn't matter if I throw the kitchen knife or the food again.).No World Painted Blood - Slayer & LowLayer


Great quality Slayer as usual. Every song is great.

I'm losing the patience, give me 2015 Tom, enough with 2010 blood, I know you are young, give me the strong one, break the censorship.


make me your 15 year old son tom... please i wanna meet you

Minha banda
is beterr

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