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  • This album is a very good album, with fuckin' greats song.
    On the Unholy Alliance 2 " preaching to the Perverted" in 2006, i' ve seen Slayer seven times in europe with In Flames, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom & Thins Eye Bleed.
    I was in Wintethur ( Switzerland ) on October 23th, in Munich ( Germany ) on 27th, in Boblingen Stuttgart ( Germany ) on 28th, in Paris ( France ) on November 7th, in Leuven ( Belgium ) on 9th & London ( England ) on 19th & 20th.Read more

  • I' ve bought it in 1996 on vhs.
    It was the second vhs after Combat Tour Live: The ultimate Revenge who was released in 1985 with Exodus & Venom.
    I have this one and it was a really great video with very good sound.
    If i remember the Slayer songs was recorded at the Dynamo Eindhoven on May 28 th 1985.

    The Ultimate Revenge Tracklist:

    01. Piranha - Exodus
    02. Die By the Sword - Slayer
    03. Witching Hour - Venom
    04. Venom Interview Part 1
    05. Metal Command - Exodus
    06. Exodus - Exodus
    07. Strike of the Beast - Exodus
    08. Slayer Interview
    09. I Am the Antichrist - SlayerRead more