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  • so i am going to slayer and testament and megadeth at the wamu theatre and i am so fuckin stoked!!! i love payback!!! after getting fucked out of mayhemfest this summer this is a well needed show and im fuckin extatic as fuck!!! they cant come soon enough!!!! oh and i went to gwar a couple weeks ago... badass as ever.. i got crushed to shit cause im not a fatass but it was so worth it to walk out covered in blood.... finally gettin back in the concert swing of things yay!!!! i will be letting everyone know how badass this show goes... fuck ya!!!!

  • man i got gypt out of the mayhem festival not once not twice but three times in a row... i had prebought tickets three times had money for the tickets three times.... first time was for seattle and i had to move out of state to oklahoma so there went time one then i got this guy i know in loisiana to get me tickets for both shows in texas.... ok so we were going to meet there time rolls around about a week before the show and i im him bitchin bout how after the show im going to be broke and how i hate it in oklahoma....Read more