Tales from the pit

I've been a hardcore Slayer fan forever...still have my first copy of Reign In Blood on cassette! I finally got a chance to catch them live in the summer of 1989 (or was in 1990? hazy daze...lol), during their Summer In The Abyss mini-tour, and actually caught them in two different theaters! The first show (forget the place's name, it was in Valley Forge PA) wound up being a bust though, as I hooked a friend up with some 200mg Thorazine I jacked from my job (I worked in a psyche hospital...too cool), he had a meltdown and I had to cart him outta the theater before the bouncers kicked the crap out of his unconscious ass! Still heard Slayer from the parking lot, but missed out on the pit...I was bummed, and determined to make up for it at the next show!

The second gig was at the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia's Chinatown, same summer mini tour. The fun and games got started with some freak stage diving off the P.A. stack (at least 25 feet from the floor) into an empty pit before the band even took stage! He hit *HARD*, dude busted himself up so bad he needed to be carted off by EMT's on a stretcher, and he defnitely set the mood for the night in blood and carnage! Shocked

Well, shortly after that display Slayer hit the stage in full force brutality! I didn't want to miss my opportunity to draw blood this time around, so into the pit I moshed...arms and legs flailing in a goose-stepping flail. It was the most intense pit I ever experienced, and in the midst of the grind, I made contact, right elbow to some dude's face! My arm was dripping blood from a gash in my elbow, and when I finally caught a look at the guy I hit, his face and shirt were drenched in blood and spit...I knocked out three or four of his upper teeth! He was freaking, wanted to kick my ass (wasn't gonna happen though, I was fully amped), but then we looked at each other *bleeding* profusely and just laughed...we both drew blood for Slayer, and it felt fucking AWESOME!!! I bought him a beer, then we jumped back into the pit...I came away from it all with a scar on my elbow where his teeth tore out a chunck of my flesh, and I'm sure he's sporting dentures now...all in the name of the MIGHTY SLAYTANIC WEHRMACHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jawdropping! SLAYER RULES!!!!!

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Smoke and mosh!

I still have the Show No Mercy tape, how the hell I managed to keep it over the years I have no fucking clue! I couldn't tell you when I first saw them live, but it was in Charlotte, NC. Very hazy daze!!! Between 12 and 17 was a complete blur! I've seen them several times since then.

So thorazine huh, interesting choice, that's just fuckin' awsome!!!!! Unfortunately I've listened to them outside as well. My then boyfriend (the same one that went in the pit at Clash of the Titans!!!) and I went to see them at the House of Blues, the bouncers came and took a joint from us in the middle of where the pit was going to be before the show and kept it for themselves, that pissed me off!!!! After that I found out they don't like it at H.O.B. when you crowd surf, start a pit, or stage dive and got kicked out for that instead, but it was worth it!! At least I wasn't carried out on a stretcher instead, a 25 foot swan dive to the floor would be awsome, until the landing!

Slaytanic Forever!!!