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I was lucky enough to get to go and see the boys play in Camden last night. The show was awesome! Typically tight sounding thrashing Slayer show. Getting to see "Old School Slayer Night" was perfect for me as 85-90 was when my musical taste was developed and I know the lyrics of every album front to back from that time period. Absolutely all my favorites! The pit was a little active throughout the show but I can tell that the Slayer audience is getting a little older as I was able to stand in the pit, up against the stage wall and I was not hit once in the back of the head by any surfers. The boys still have it though as it was a killer show and the Hanneman stage backdrop at the end of the show was killer! Cant wait to see them again.

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Drove up from San Diego [DAGO] w/ the Band I.S. and caught SLAYER the star of the tour. Love SLAYER always inspired me to be my best [jamming hardcore] and kick ass like SLAYER and you guys fucking [[[[[[[RAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEE]]]]]] Fuck Yeah! Thank YOU for the Good Times First saw SLAYER 84/83 ish Hell AwaIts . . . Sincerely Paul Allen Leoncini/InfamousSinphony

and CHEERS for Jeff: He is missed but not forgotten!!


Guys, I'm 43 years old. Which means, mainly, that I was 13 when "Show No Mercy" came out, and was deep enough into metal to buy it. I've been a Slayer fanatic ever since! And I got a present on my I-phone on Friday: "Implode." Damn!!! It was like when I first heard "Psychopathy Red"--the old rush in the veins, the old urge to scream along with the chorus, then listen over and over until I know all of the lyrics so I can scream the whole song! I live near Dallas, TX, and I was lucky enough to see Slayer doing their old school set several months ago--nothing past "Seasons." Fucking hell! It was like a religious experience or something. Because while I love all of the new stuff, all of the songs from the 80s are melded with my mind in a way that no other music is. And personally I thought that "Strike of the Beast," while not quite at the same level as the other songs, was pretty fitting, because it's one of the fastest songs from "Bonded by Blood," and "Bonded by Blood" was an album my friends and I devoured almost as often as "Hell Awaits." So, cheers to Slayer from Texas! Come back soon!


Is dave still with slayer? Heard rumor he was outed?
Thanks for any info!

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Spilt the Blood...

Slayer never came across before mid to the late 90's. Some dark ones were saying something back in 84', but I was too small. Its awesome to have the original lineup tight doing shows with garry holt. If not the best axe man?.. the other one is at a resting place. The new material grows on ya but the elders slaughter tunes is what I like the most.
Keep the slaytanic spirit alive!..the small fish???? ?...hehehehehe..



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huge SLAYER fan. saw in late 80s and early 90s. thats why i'm sick that i didnt know about Jeff until today. sorry buddy. what happened to Jeff ??????!!!!!!!