In Studio part 2

I had another account on this site (BDF than IWAN - now) and I had my password stollen, changed and gifted back, I made two more accounts for back up, in theory could be two users on the same IP like three brothers, Iwas needing a back up as I just need always to say something, the reason for which the other remained useless is because I am also register to another band where in a General Discussions chapter I can choose any subject, talk only myself about it and even put almost any picture, there my username is MIR from the russian - piece and the romanian - holy oil for head so I don't impurify the main, central music only theme of this site.
I wait the next years concerts to ask for an autograph to the master Araya.Greetings master...I was a little sorry after Warsaw, would have been better to lose the night and take there the beer and the fast foods.I think is difficult also for you to take the communists for singing.