Re: American Carnage Tour: Bayfront Park Amphitheatre w/ Megadeth & Anthrax

Tomorrow, it's here there you go Orlando,you can taste the goodness thou MIAMI ,FLORIDA ; On October the third of the year of our lord 2010 ; it's gonna THRASH SO HARD you won't compare to no one! It's been over a decade that we had anything half way decent come through here and now we have SLAYER in our backyard AWESOME!!!WELCOME TO MIAMI, awaits ye , SLAYER ,MUCH RESPECT!! WE LOVE YE! "Expandable youth fighting for possession of having control ,a ritual obsession, rivalry and retribution ,death the only solution..." ,hold on I lost the lyrics,thou when I'll be in front of ye, watch out I'd be on time with the band,thanks for the memories ,been a fan since 1985 and I'm from NiCARAGUA and we love THRASH METAL down there,see y'all tomorrow and THANKS SO MUCH FOR THINKING ABOUT MIAMI we are not all RAP down here,Respect! Though METAL Needs to make a COMEBACK,SLAYER WELCOME TO MIAMI , FLORIDA. thx again! Thrashingly yours, M'10