Re: An open letter to Slayer fans around the world:

Be <strong>strong</strong> Jeff! All the brazilian fans want to see you good again, playing your amazing guitars and crazing us!


<ul><li><strong>Pedro Túlio!</strong></li></ul>

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Be as Strong and Heavy as Any Of your Songs


Since myself have been passing through difficult times, can on ly tell you : you have been an inspiration for many , many persons i n several years - including- myself - so I wish you full recovery the worl needs you , your family needs you and all your fans need you so Man i know you can defeat this get up take that guitar and rule the world , one day at the time.....don´t want to sound soft but man, you´re The Man .I´ve got a lot to say but i rather preffer you been taking those therapys ....sorry about the spelling ......and know for sure beyond the music you got a friend who admires and care about you México !!!Be strong!!! Maximiliano Ruiz Gamboa besides Don´t tell the others .......Slayer is You. ´cause is always ....Waaaaaaarrr Ensemble!!!!!!!!!!!